scale-threeGastric plication, or gastric imbrication, is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries. It provides patients with a minimally invasive, reversible option, while allowing the surgeon to tailor the procedure to meet each patient’s unique needs. Whether your goal is significant weight loss or weight maintenance, gastric plication can be customized to help you achieve optimal results.

During gastric plication, Dr. Arellano uses stitches to fold the greater curve of the stomach in on itself. This surgical technique reduces the stomach’s capacity by nearly 70% and prohibits this section of the stomach from expanding. Whether performed as a singular procedure or in combination with Lap Band surgery, gastric plication/imbrication limits the amount of food a patient’s stomach can hold, leading to loss of excess weight over time.

Gastric plication appeals to patients for its simplicity. Unlike other bariatric procedures, gastric plication does not require any banding, adjustments, cutting or re-routing of the intestines. Since no section of the stomach is permanently removed, gastric plication is reversible.

gastric imbrication