skinny-fiveGastric bypass, or Roux-en-Y, is the most common bariatric weight loss surgery and the only procedure proven to provide effective long-term weight loss. This procedure is best suited for patients who suffer from obesity and obesity-related ailments. Individuals with a BMI above 35 who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully with diets and exercise are typically good candidates for gastric bypass surgery.

During a gastric bypass procedure, Dr. Arellano modifies the size of the stomach to restrict the amount of food a patient is able to consume. The stomach is divided into two sections – a small pouch at the top where food enters and a large, lower section. Separated by staples, the lower section of the stomach is closed off and bypassed, but not removed as it is in gastric sleeve surgery. The small intestine is also divided and re-routed to the new, small pouch in the top of the stomach.

gastric bypass

Patients who have gastric bypass surgery typically lose about 65-80% of their excess body weight. On average, most patients lose between 10-20 pounds each month in the first year following surgery. A strict diet will need to be adhered to for 12 weeks after surgery. Patients will notice that they feel full faster than before their gastric bypass procedure since their new stomach can only hold a limited amount of food.