At Mexico Bariatric Team, patient privacy is a top priority. We work hard to protect your rights as a patient and ensure that we serve your healthcare needs. Please see below for information about all of our privacy practices. Please contact us for any

What is HIPAA?
HIPAA is acronym for the federal legislation titled Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act was created to ensure that all patient health information is kept private and confidential. The legislation includes a rule that creates national standards to protect an individuals’ personal health information. Most healthcare providers in the United States are required to comply with HIPAA standards.

Privacy Practice/HIPAA at Mexico Bariatric Team
This policy explains how patient information may be used and disclosed and patients are able to get access to their information.

Sharing Patient Information
Unless otherwise indicated by the patient, Mexico Bariatric Team does have the right disclose certain medical information from our patient list to family members and clergy.

Authorization for Release of Information
A form must be completed by the patient if any medical records are to be released to any individuals not directly related to patient care, payment or healthcare operations. Please ask us for the form to fill out.

Workers’ Compensation
This form is required if a patients records are to be released to any third parties or employers involved in a workers’ compensation claim. This form is valid for the entire life of a patient’s claim.

Patient Charges for Copies of Protected Health Information
Under certain circumstances patients may be charged for a copy of his or her medical records.

Patient Request for Accounting of Disclosures
A form is required if a patient would a like a summary of the persons to whom we have released his or her medical information. This inquiry is known as an Accounting of Disclosures. It will not include disclosures made under certain circumstances such as treatment, payment or healthcare operations.

Request for Alternate Means of Communication
Please fill out this form to allow patients a reasonable alternate means for communication from healthcare providers to ensure confidentiality.

Request for Restriction for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information
Patients are required to complete a form in order to request that Mexico Bariatric Team restrict uses and disclosures about treatment, payment and healthcare operations normally disclosed to family, friends and others involved in patient care.

Patient Revocation of Authorization
A form is required if a patient wants Mexico Bariatric Team to discontinue healthcare information releases based on a previous authorization. Disclosure will cease as soon as possible after the form’s completion.