Revisional Surgery

Revision Weight Loss Surgery

At Mexico Bariatric Team, we understand that every patient is different. What works for one patient may not work for another. Dr. Arellano and his skilled staff take great care in evaluating their patients’ medical history, lifestyle and weight loss goals to determine the potential effectiveness of revision surgery.

Revision weight loss surgery is often sought by patients who were unable to achieve their desired results with a single bariatric procedure. Common reasons for revision surgery include inadequate weight loss, unresolved obesity-related ailments or other medical complications resulting from the surgery.

When a patient’s original surgery fails them for mechanical and/or metabolic reasons, revision surgery seeks to correct these issues. Mechanically, revision surgery addresses the functionality of a patient’s anatomy by restoring it to its original state. Metabolically, revision surgery involves determining a more effective bariatric procedure to increase the patient’s metabolism.

Revision procedures typically involve more risk since the process of blood flow to the stomach was altered during the initial weight loss surgery. However, if a patient is not satisfied with their weight loss results or is experiencing more severe health complications, please contact Dr. Arellano and the staff at Mexico Bariatric Team to see if you are a candidate for a revision procedure.