Dr. Juan Arellano

Meet Dr. Juan Arellano, President of Mexico College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons
Dr. Arellano is recognized as a world-renowned leading
bariatric surgeon.


My bariatric surgery changed my life. I am able to play with my kids and I now have the energy to exercise. I am finally able to be the mother I dreamed about.


The team at Mexico Bariatric Team was helpful and supportive through the whole process. I not only changed my relationship with food, but with my body.


After years of struggling with health issues, I have now won my battle against diabetes. I am happy and healthy – and ready for the next part of my life!

  • Gastric Sleeve
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  • Gastric Bypass
    Gastric Bypass Gastric bypass, or Roux-en-Y, is the most common bariatric weight loss surgery and the only procedure proven to...
  • Adjustable Gastric Band
    Adjustable Gastric Band Adjustable Gastric Banding, or Lap Band, is the least invasive of the bariatric procedures and is designed to...
  • Duodenal Switch & Revisional Surgery
    Duodenal Switch & Revisional Surgery The Duodenal Switch procedure promotes weight loss by restricting the amount of food that can be eaten (via...

Mexico Bariatric Team: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexicali

Why pay high healthcare prices at home when you can take a medical vacation and receive excellent medical care at significant savings over prices at home? Mexico Bariatric Team offers bariatric procedures at savings of 50% or more more when compared to most U.S. prices.

Most of the lowest pricing for bariatric surgery can be found outside of the United States. An average bariatric procedure can cost from $17,000 to $30,000 in the U.S. while these same surgeries cost between $5,500 to $12,500 in Mexico.

Mexico Bariatric Team offers bariatric surgery packages at three different hospitals in Mexicali to accommodate your budget. All three hospitals offer safe, quality care at affordable prices. Discuss the best hospital for your needs with a team member at Mexico Bariatric Team.

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  • About Dr. Juan Arellano
    Dr. Juan Arellano is a highly-skilled Bariatric Surgeon and a leader in the field of laparoscopic bariatric...
  • Our Process
    At Mexico Bariatric Team, Dr. Juan Arellano and his knowledgeable staff will evaluate your general health and...
  • Testimonials
    The reason we both decided to have surgery is because life being overweight was hard. Going to...
  • Why Travel to Mexico?
    Looking for world-class bariatric care at an affordable price? Mexico is your destination....

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